Betsy + Mitch

If you don't already know, Betsy is my sister and I am flipping obsessed with her. It's probably super obnoxious to everyone how much I talk about how amazing she is. We are more than best friends - and fiercely loyal to each other. Loyal in the way that we don't just agree with each other for the sake of agreeing, but we are honest, real, listen and reflect with each other. She is a middle school teacher and the way she fiercely fights for her students truly moves me. She cooks the best effing food. She makes the best homemade cards. Okay okay, I'll just say it, she is perfect. ;) 

Mitch is (now!) Betsy's husband. And also one of my best friends. I call him one of my life partners because I know I will ALWAYS know and love him. Mitch is brilliant. He is one of the few people in my life I can talk for hours with about ideas and he gets just as excited as me! It's rare to find that person. When we (Roy and I) have to make a big decision in life (oh like moving to Colorado) we call mitch. "Hi Mitch? Yes hi, we have a big decision to make, what should we do?" 
Just like Betsy, he is honest and thoughtful in his responses. He is also incredibly smart and filled with not only empathy but solutions. 

So to photograph their wedding day was a JOY. I was honored they trusted me with it. The day smelled like sunshine, grass, burning wood, and doughnuts. I would re-live it 100 times if I could. 

Here are some of my faves of the day: 

This is moments before they are getting ready to go out and have the ceremony. We pinned a fresh fern into her hair. And our Dad a well known hug thug like myself, snuck in to get some. 

Gram performing the ceremony

Our dad reading his passage

Then check out their table spread:



If ice-cream isn't your thing (are you a monster?) here are some doughnuts! 


This loving moment was brought you by "hey act like your cat Peeti"


We ended the night with most of us star watching, eating s'mores, listening to music and then everyone slept over in this awesome farm house! :D 

It couldn't have been any better. I wish I could bottle the temp, the smells, the sounds. <3

Congrats Betsy and Mitch!