Well hello.

Hello internet! 

I wanted to say this is my first time blogging. But it's not. Check out https://ourtwohearts.exposure.co/ if you don't believe me. I blog a flipping lot there. But by blog I mean I put down names, and drop photos in a way that tells a story. 

Writing words always made me feel so....vulnerable. I'm not great at it, and so I just didn't do it. Slowly over the past year I have put myself out there more and more on instagram, and now Instagram live stories. It's been scary and refreshing! 

I saw this post (on the right) on Pinterest and it was a little kick that I needed. 

So this is me doing what I promised myself. Putting myself out there. Of course I will be blogging the weddings still - they are my heart - but I will also be sharing my life. Real life, the sometimes ugly, messy, uncurated life.