Digital Hang

1 or 2 hours of Skype/Facetime where we can talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Ask me about how to attract clients, editing, posing, technical camera questions, client relationships, portfolio and website review, social media, how to work when your pets are just so cute, anything! 

                                                                                        1 hour - $150       2 hours - $280

Real Life Kicking It

Shoot a real session with me - Seeing how I shoot, and why! From camera settings, to posing. And build your portfolio.
Edit together - Side by side culling and editing and client communication
Social media planning - before and after shoot. 

$850 - Full day

Social Media Makeover

Let's talk about HOW to make instagram and social media work for your business! Over Skype or coffee :) 

1. Make a social media plan
2. How to shoot photos even with a phone
3. Where to find clients
4. How to foster relationships
5. Mini shoot for you or your business
6. Social Media Makeover! 

$200 - without shoot   $400 with shoot

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