2016 Wedding Favorites <3

Okay okay, let me start by saying there is no way I have the time right now, or the internet bandwidth to post ALL of my favorites! I wish I could!! Here is just a little sample of some of my favorite 2016 Weddings and Engagements. 

My heart is just exploding posting these, bringing back SO many good memories! Some of these give me chills thinking about the love and grace that was present! 2016 had celebrations where the joy was abundant, The food was delish, the music way danceable, and the love was indescribably awesome!

Heidi Frank-The Short Story-0111.jpg
Calley Lee-Favorites-0228.jpg
Jill Beau married-The Short Story-0126.jpg

The real reason our friends won't visit us! || Guest room makeover

The real reason our NY and OH friends haven't visited us MUST be because our guest room looks like the saddest emptiest room ever. I get it y'all!  The "guest room" is also where I do work on the days I don't head to the co-working space. It's also where I spend early mornings drinking tea, and writing the to-do list for the day ahead. SO. It was time for a makeover. 

I knew I wanted something a little colorful and fresh and fun, but still adult and a natural vibe. Deny Designs  had the PERFECT selection for this, and honestly, I can't wait to use some of their magic to help revive our living room, bathroom, and the bedroom! 

I love this inky look of this set! It literally makes the whole room! I also paired it with a little wooden vanity, and a full length mirror, with a backlight to keep the vibe chill and calm. 

So, how does it ACTUALLY fair? What do Sunday mornings feel like with this set? Well, it's sister, and cat approved, and is especially cozy when mixed with coffee in bed. #sundayfeels #coffeeandcats

P.s. Friends, this room has direct views of downtown, the mountains and the sunset, and it would be even better if you were here! We love guests, so come and enjoy Denver! :D 

Goodbye and thank you 2016.

This is one of my favorite songs, and this is what I listened to while writing this. It has that bitter sweetness of 2016 in it!

Damn. I keep typing this up, and then virtually crumbling it into a digital ball and starting over. It's hard to find the right voice. It's hard to convey the bittersweet feeling this year has left me.  

It was hard, and it's hard for me to admit that. It's my nature to focus on the positive --- but sometimes, in order to show yourself how beautiful the good is, you have to contrast it to the rest.

I was really sick... a lot. Like, crawling to the bathroom --- crying, and Roy holding a cup to my mouth so I could drink water. Medicine that made the pain better, but made my hair thin and covered my face in a redness and adult acne. I answered emails from bed. When I traveled, at times I was so nauseated that I would spend HOURS gagging and dry heaving in the TINY airplane bathroom, in tears. I was living in a new city, and stuck at home. 
(I'm feeling pretty damn great now, just FYI, so NO worries these are just reflections from the year)

I was so lonely for my family, my heart sometimes felt like it would explode. Moving to a new place is hard — I just wanted those ride-or-die friends from back home where I could show up to brunch in a ugly sweatshirt and be real. It felt hard to meet new people while being so sick, and traveling so often (and working from home!)  

I got through it all. It did not break me. And I feel stronger than ever! Bring it on, I can handle it, I promise. The things that got me through this year are what I'm going to focus on when I look back and remember 2016. 

Betsy having dinner and ice cream delivered to my house, on one of the hardest days. Letting me know I am never without love and support. 

The bouquet of fresh flowers delivered with the sweetest words of gratitude from a couple, that arrived just on time --- it turned a crappy day into a awesome one and reminded me why I love what I do. 

New Orleans! Shooting the wedding of a childhood friend, a friend who’s parents cared for us like we were their own. It was surreal. We took a few extra days there, to explore --- it was hands down amazing, and not what I expected. I assumed the scene there is all drinking and partying - and instead I found a warm, delicious, music-filled city with weirdos like me. 


Las Vegas! We needed that get-away. It was a quick trip, but beautiful. We drove through the desert, danced in old Vegas, and walked along the Hoover dam.


FINALLY being able to go on the road trip that my best friend, Sen and I had been planning forever! It was her done-with-nursing-school-and-look-at-this-awesome-life-I-have-made-all-on-my-own celebration! I'm so proud of her, and lucky to have her as my friend. #glamping #danceeverywhere #bathingsuitlife

Getting to Experience Colorado through our couples love stories! Telluride. Aspen. Grand Junction. Gunnison. Salida. The Grand Mesa. Twin lakes. Manitou Springs. Black Hawk. Nederland. Estes Park. Loveland. Fort Collins. The list of amazing places goes on and on ---  who new they could all exist in a single state!

Riding a bike to the grocery store, and being able to walk to my favorite coffee shop!

Meeting Anna. And Liz. And Ashley. And Grant. And Mia. And so many others. Most recently finding a place at Union 27 --- an awesome new co-working space, filled with the warmest most talented people! 

Betsy marrying Mitch! She made a really good choice there, and so did he. We already know how I feel about Betsy - but Mitch is one of my best friends. I can't wait to grow old alongside them! 

There were countless joyful moments with our couples! Literally crying and laughing with a couple after their engagement session, as we off-roaded in their insane truck. Shooting the reception for, and playing on the rooftop of another photographer, who I admire greatly! Seeing a couple pray together, separated by a wall --- crying because the love and grace surrounding them was to strong that day. Met about a million pets. Played in the sunrise, with couples willing to get up at 4am. Saw a couple dance at the base of a canyon, while wearing cat shoes. Walked through a forest in sub-zero weather to get the perfect winter shot for an adventurous couple. Eating donuts, tacos, a million hot chocolates --- and sharing stories with so many amazing people. Oh, and I gave exactly ONE MILLION hugs.

"SEE SELF??? 2016 was dang AMAZING, and don't you forget it!" So with that... Goodbye 2016, and thank you so so so so so much. You treated me so well, I just needed to stop and remember that. 




Coffee + Sunsets // Denver CO

What can I say - I LOVE checking out new coffee shops. If you have something to drink and wifi I am there. 

Because I am always checking out new places, I've decided I will start sharing some of my favorites. TBH I wouldn't ever work here again (it's def more of a grab a coffee and go kind of place) But, hello, it has coffee and flowers! COFFEE AND FLOWERS. 

And, it looked really nice under a sunset. Def check it out. 

Heidi + Frank // Wes Anderson Wedding

Heidi and Frank are two bad ass super humans. Heidi BLOWS ME AWAY, as she runs a photography business, meticulously manages the Takk House with Frank, and is working on opening The Franklin Ally Social Club. GUYS. She does this while maintaining friendships, being nice to everyone and just being all around rad. 

They started their marriage by Eloping in Iceland (Check that out here!) with friends in family. They held a Wes Anderson themed Reception at the Takk House after! DID YOU READ THAT? A FLIPPING WES ANDERSON THEMED RECEPTION. 

And. They climbed ladders through the attic to play on the roof with me. LOVE THEM. 

ENJOY! <3 

Venue: Takk House
Flowers: Flower Scout
Hair + Makeup: Erica Sherman
Dress Shop: Lovely Bride
Dress Designer: Rue De Seine


Hello Ohio.

Wedding season has hit a more normal flow (holy DANG was July and August intense!) so we decided to take a LONG overdue (and much too quick) visit to Roy's family back in Ohio. 

Here are some of my favorite things from this trip 

Nancy (aka Mom!) making us breakfast! She thinks it's no big deal, but what she doesn't realize is how little Roy and I actually enjoy the slowness of a big homemade breakfast. Usually we eat some toast with PB and run out the door - or grab a cliff bar. I restrained myself and only had one pancake. JK I HAD FOUR BYE! 

Roy reading the Sunday Comics. This boy stays on his phone. I haven't seen him read anything made of actual paper --- ever. Which I suppose can be a good thing #minimalism. But. I love the romance of paper. 

During our one full day there we took a quick walk through the woods with Roy's awesome sisters Becky and Kelly - and Kelly's studly man piece, Francesco. 

We then stopped at his Grandma's house. She told us the story of how she met her husband, and what it was like when he went off to war. We looked at pics of her and him when they were young, and man she was a total babe! 

This sparked us to look at baby albums when we got back to the house. OMG. Roy and his siblings are the flipping cutest - There were some GEMS for sure! 

Holy dang isn't Roy CUTE?!?!??! That sweater though! 

Holy dang isn't Roy CUTE?!?!??! That sweater though! 

When we got to the airport, Roy and I talked excitedly about all the fun things we did, and how grateful we are for his family. We talked about his Grandmothers stories, and her sweetness, and how she gives great hugs. Then we were quiet. Filled with love but also it was bitter-sweet because we miss them so so so much. 

We love Denver. A lot. It's changed our lives for the better. But in those quiet moments you can miss your family is a way you never thought you would. 

Until next time Ohio! Thanks for welcoming us! 

On Labor Day we wear black

Labor day is for picnics with family, and celebrating the last bits of summer. Well. Our families aren't here is Colorado, so we decided to chase some cold air! We went to the summit of Mount Evans and kicked it with some goats, followed by a quick stroll through Bristlecone loop. 

This was followed by some netflix and chill. More like 5 episodes of "Stranger Things" and pass out way too late at night. 

I hope ya'll are full of hotdogs, or vegan bean burgers, and the last bits of summer sunshine! 

(come on fall - bring it on - I'm ready for you!) 


Grateful 8

REAL TALK TIME. When I am in NY I wake up lonely for Roy, my cats and my office (and Denver... because Denver is AWESOME). When I wake up in CO I'm lonely for my family, life long friends and the dark humor of the Northeast. This morning was one of those mornings. 

I woke up pretty sad, and unmotivated. The to-do list was long. I wanted to jump right in. But. There was also this dust bunny that needed to be swept, and my luggage that needed to be unpacked, and well, I should probably brush my hair.

It was a wrong-side-of-the-bed-wondering-if-I-was-making-good-career-choices-spilled-my-tea kind of morning. #iKnowiKnowfirstworldproblems

Then the door knocked. It was the UPS man and he had a delivery of flowers. MY FAVORITE FLOWERS. With a note full of gratitude. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I put them in water and I watched them LITERALLY bloom from tight little balls to colorful flowers. Holy dang. What a wonderful gift I had received and with words full of the love I needed at that exact moment. I felt so so so so thankful, and full of energy for the day!

It made me realize how important being full of gratitude is. It literally changes your body and mind! It's as effective as a morning cup of coffee to rejuvenate lost motivation.

So with that. I think it's time to kick off something I've been planning on doing (and just didn't do it). My weekly Grateful 8: 

1. Flower Delivery. Heck yes. Sending and receiving a colorful little reminder of life is what it's all about. Nothing better to energize your work space then with some plants! 


2. Coffee Shops. This will probably show up again and again. There is nothing like caffeine + desk space when you are on the road working! They can make working out of a backpack feel a little more sane. This was at Super Merchandise Co.


3. Adventurous Brides. I mean. She climbed two ladders in heels to play on a roof top.
:::Slow clap:::


4.  Brunch. Hello it's brunch. I don't need to explain. It's even better with a new friend. This was at Syrup!


5. This Candle. Bought at Meek Vintage. It brought on entrepnuerial talks and high fives. It also made my house smell like a flipping spa yesthankyouverymuch.  


6. Betsy and Mitch. My family. My sister and brother (in law, but like really world get over it he is my brother). They cook for me every time I am there and assure me it's not my fault their cat hates me. They rock. I love their rude faces in this one. 


7. Dessert. HELLO DUH! If I need to explain why I love dessert, then we might need to have that conversation over something chocolate and not here on a blog. Call me. This was at Snow Lab. Where they make awesome concoctions from flavored fluffy af shaved ice! 


8. THIS SONG. It just hit me in all the bitter-sweet spots. Especially around 2:20. I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE. WHATEVER. This whole album is on repeat right now. The first song is also a flipping gem - it's a great morning getting ready song! 

That's it for now! Consider this the official kick off for a weekly "Grateful 8" post.