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oh hello! 
This is where I tell you about loving adventure, cats and coffee. 

Hello, I'm DiAnna!

I have a loud laugh, and I use it often. I'm a hug thug so expect a hug from me when we meet. (I get that from my gramma!)  I love traveling and adventure just as must as I love cuddling with my cats over a good book (or video game!) 

I am humbled and inspired by the world around me - from the rocky mountains, to the NYC skyscrapers. That's why I became a photographer! I'm a historian of love stories. The authentic intimate fun loving joy - real, messy, windy adventurous love. 

I thank my lucky stars that I get to do all of that with my best friend - my studly second shooter - Roy! :) When he isn't shooting with me, he makes video games, explores abandoned buildings, and stays in the know with the latest technology.